Welcome to Cut Rag Processors (Private) Limited


3 Bryce Road
New Ardbennie, Harare, Zimbabwe

Operating Hours

Mon – Fri : 8:00AM – 5:00PM
Sat – Sun : Closed


Years of Production Excellence

Export Blends Produced

Annual Installed Productive Capacity

Leaf Blending

Utilising our strong in-house blend generation and matching skills, we carefully select and blend the best available tobaccos to produce cut rag blends that meet all customer specifications and taste profiles.

Cut Rag Processing

Cut Rag Processors’ blends are manufactured from the finest hand-picked Zimbabwean tobacco.


Cut Rag Processors (Private) Limited was formed in February 2000 as the first independent cut rag production facility in Zimbabwe servicing both the domestic and export markets. Initially located in Auckland Road, Southerton, Harare for 12 years, the company is currently located in Bryce Road, New Ardbennie, Harare.


Cut Rag Processors (Private) Limited provides cut rag processing and supply services with the in-house skills and expertise to develop customer specific cut rag blends.